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Dark Moon Basenjis is dedicated to the preservation of the Basenji breed. Our dogs are bred with health and temperament as our #1 priorities and than their conformation. Our show dogs are house pets just like your dogs! They spend a lot more time laying on our couch than they do spending time at dog shows. Which is why we feel so strongly that they must be healthy and happy dogs before anything else is considered. Read below for things to keep in mind when inquiring about puppies or adoption of adult dogs. 


When inquiring about puppies from us we typically have our waiting list full approximately 6-12 months prior to puppies being born, once born we do not let our puppies leave until they are 10-12 weeks old. This means the average person on our waiting list will wait approximately 9-15 months or longer for a puppy.  To be placed on the waiting list we will have you fill out a questionnaire and complete a phone interview. If that all goes well we will ask that you come to our house to meet us and the adult dogs in person prior to being placed on our waiting list.  We think it is so important to come and spend time with our adult dogs prior to being put on our waiting list because this is the best way to get an idea of what our dogs temperaments are like without the distraction of puppies. 

One of the things that you should expect from any breeder you talk to, is someone who is always willing to take your dog/puppy back if something ever happens and you are no longer able to keep him/her. A responsible breeder is always there for their dogs. We require that if you cannot keep your dog at any point in his/her life that they must come back to us, we never want one of our Basenjis to be without a home. We feel personally responsible for every puppy we bring into this world. It should be a red flag if you talk to any breeders who do not require your Basenji puppy to be returned if you are unable to care for him at any point in the future. This breed is not a good fit for everyone and they need to be matched to just the right home! Please keep this in mind when researching the breed and talking to breeders. You should talk to multiple breeders when looking into adding a dog to your house. A dog is a long commitment and your breeder should be someone you feel you can go to for advice for many years to come. 

interested in learning more about Veronica, Dark Moon's goal, or Basenjis in general? Click around below and explore our website! 

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