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About the breeders of Dark Moon:

Veronica Nagy

Ever since I was a young girl I have always loved animals. I started in 4-H at the age of 10 with our family pet, a fox terrier mix. When I started to get more into showing my 4-H leader suggested my family purchase a purebred dog so I could participate in AKC events. 

I got my first two Basenjis from the kind generosity of Bethany Redo. These two dogs (Dice and Nick) are the two that started my LOVE/addiction to the breed! I later acquired Nixon from Catherine Ongaro and Julie and Kathy Jones and my first female (my foundation) Sleevy through Michael Work. 

Prior to breeding any litters I worked for multiple professional dog handlers where I learned how to properly manage, handle, and care for multiple dogs on the road and at home. I have brought this knowledge and still work with my original mentors when planning every Dark Moon litter 

John Predale 

John Predale, Veronica's father is an integral part of Dark Moon Basenjis. John has helped Veronica along every aspect of her breeding program. Starting from bringing her to all the dogs shows as a junior, helping get her to shows when she was working, driving our females to be bred for many breedings,  helping with delivering many puppies, and helping show the dogs whenever needed. 

Dog shows are a family sport and Dark Moon Basenjis is a family venture into dog breeding. 

Michael Work 

Michael Work first became involved in the breed in 1966, his foundation bitch "Flame" Ch. Makila Motane Moke became the the top producing Basenji bitch of all time. A record which would stand for 31 years. Michael has been an active member of the Basenji Club of America for nearly 50 years. He has made three trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1987, 2006, and 2011 with Jon Curby, and others to bring back foundation stock. Michael gave Veronica her foundation bitch "sleevy" who is behind every Dark Moon Basenji. Veronica worked for Michael and Stacy for a couple years prior to starting her breeding program, Michael is a co-breeder and helps guide, plan, and support all the breedings at Dark Moon Basenjis.

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